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(RIC 2304) RESEARCHER – PNRR MOH – (3 aprile 2023)

Job offer

Research position for 24 months in the field of biomarkers discovery in frailty.

 Job Location

IRCCS MultiMedica, Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico, Via Fantoli 16/15, Milan, Italy.

 Job description

The candidate will be involved in the activities of the project financed by the Italian Ministry of Health, Call PNRR, entitled “Elderly patients with acute heart failure and/or acute coronary syndrome: effectiveness of an EHealth-based secondary prevention and rehabilitation program and role of molecular biomarkers in prognostic stratification” project code: PNRR-MAD-2022-12376806, coordinated by Dr. Roberto Pedretti and run in collaboration with Dr. Francesco Prattichizzo.

Very old patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have higher mortality and risk for disability after hospitalizations. This increased vulnerability is termed frailty and it is frequent in older patients with CVD. Frailty, defined as an increased vulnerability to stressors by a decrease in physiological reserves of multiple body systems, is an independent predictor of autonomy loss and poor prognosis including death. Few studies tried to systematically dissect the existence of molecular biomarkers able to predict frailty progression. In particular, the ability of miRNAs and inflammatory proteins to identify frailty and predict its progression or response to interventions is poorly studied. Two goals of the project are: 1) a panel of molecular biomarkers can identify frailty, predict its progression and response to interventions; 2) selected molecules clinically associated with frailty play a role in the pathways held to drive aging.


The candidate will be responsible of the screening of miRNAs cross-sectionally and longitudinally associated with frailty. He/she will perform both profiling experiments and single miRNAs validation in the entire cohort, processing roughly 450 blood samples from plasma collection to RT-PCR analysis. In addition, the applicant will explore the role of candidate miRNAs in promoting senescence and inflammation through mechanistic experiments to be performed in vitro with endothelial cells and macrophages. The applicant will work in close collaboration with Dr. Prattichizzo.


IRCCS MultiMedica is a center of excellence for cardiovascular research and offers a highly stimulating scientific environment that supports the close interactions between basic researchers, translational researchers, and clinicians. The Institute is equipped with advanced instrumentations for biomedical research.

Profile requested

Acquired skills in the following procedures are highly encouraged:

    • Plasma preparation from blood samples
    • RNA extraction from plasma and cells
  • Confidence with miRNA Profiling with Microarrays or comparable technique
  • RT-PCR
  • Cell culture
  • Transient transfection or comparable technique
  • Western Blot

A strong attitude in working both independently and in collaboration with others is mandatory. Excellent communication skills in English are also necessary.


Master’s degree in biology, biotechnology, pharmacy, or other closely related disciplines.

A PhD in molecular medicine or related fields is a plus but not mandatory.


  • An interesting and varied job in a stimulating environment with the opportunity to contribute with innovative ideas.
  • Working in a highly motivated and dynamic team with flat hierarchies.


Publications from the groups involved in the project (link):



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